Business Keywords: Google Sniper Keyword Research Methodology

Business Keywords: Google Sniper Keyword Research Methodology

8/08/2017 06:42:00 am

Business Keywords: Google Sniper Keyword Research Methodology

Learn About The, Business Keywords Google Sniper Keyword Research Methodology

In this article, we’re going to create a sample business keywords list that you can use to optimize your site, blog, forum, Facebook page web app, software homepage, or virtually any online property you own. Remember, the philosophy is to start small, capture quick easy rankings, and repeat the process to generate large streams of steady traffic. You haven’t forgotten the big fish/small fish idiom already have you?

To make these steps comprehensive I’ll show you the exact business keywords Research  I’m researching and the finished keyword lists as well. I would recommend picking a copy of IM utopia's award winning e-guide Google Keys. You’ll learn how to use data from your web analytics to generate more efficient traffic campaigns for your site in the future.

How To Do Keyword Research On Google Web 


Step One: Climb to the top of the tree

In this phase, we want to figure out what our broad keywords are. We want to discover these terms to refine our target so that we can collect more specific or long tail keywords. It’s very difficult to use specific keywords to derive more specific keyword research methodology.

Our best bet is to use a broad keyword first and then trim it down until we have those low-fat keywords to target. The broad keyword that I’m looking to target is an online business.

Broad keywords typically contain 1-3 words. After we have identified at least one general keyword you would like to target we can move on to the second portion of this phase.

Step Two: Keyword Zigzag

Believe it or not having one broad keyword to expand may not be enough to gather quality data for your niche. It’s definitely a good idea to try and look for two or more broad keywords so that you have a higher chance of discovering more long tail keywords that can bring you quick quality traffic.

If you need help brainstorming more broad keywords my advice would be to use one of the simplest heuristics for information gathering which is the Five W’s.

This is the common technique journalists, researchers, and investigators use to quickly get a complete picture about a topic. I would highly recommend you use it so that you can have an eagle eye view of your market. Below is a sample Five Ws that I applied for the broad keyword online business.

Who would be interested in an online business? Without doing any further research my guess would be anyone that wants to supplement their income and make some extra money. What I have just described is something very similar to an entrepreneur or self-employment.

Some other individuals that I think would be interested in supplementing their income from the web stay at home moms. I believe it’s best to draw several different pictures of your potential target audience as there are no one-size fits all.

For example, someone like Mark Zuckerberg started an online business while he was an undergraduate student in his dorm at Harvard which is very different from our picture of stay at home moms.

What does a person starting an online business ultimately want? For example, they will most likely want to make money on the web but they probably also want the ability to set their own hours, work less, and have more vacation days.
This is still very general because this could be applied to a worker that wants to advance their career but not necessarily want to start an online business. It’s best to just hurry up and get something started as you can always make progressive improvements from what you have, but be careful with drawing concrete conclusions early on.

When do they want to start an online business? Ideally, people want to start within a week but depending on their current responsibilities they may not be able to. For example, the average middle aged American will have several responsibilities such as their job, mortgage, car payments, community involvement (religion, local politics, etc), and putting their children through college.

Starting an online business would really take some planning newcomers will need to teach themselves new things and will also need to make investments such as domain name registration, web hosting, and web design which may delay the time a user starts.

Why do they want to start an online business? A successful online business takes time and patience, BUT in theory, once the pieces are put together it will allow the owner to work less and generate a stable income. Getting to that point may vary depending on the individual and their current expertise, but this is one of the many motivators behind starting an online business or venturing into entrepreneurship in general.

Where do they want to start an online business? Most people starting out simply work from their home as getting an office can be costly for someone starting out. Other places that they can work from are coffee shops, public libraries, and virtually anywhere that supplies free wifi.

Believe it or not, different keywords may be more optimal for certain geographic locations. For example, certain region specific business keywords that I can think of are anything involving the Silicon Valley area as most likely it has to do with the geographic region that consists of Northern California.

How will they start an online business? Technically, how not part of the 5 w is because it starts with an h but it’s a question that reporters typically ask along with the 5 w's.

Anyhow, an individual typically starts an online business by figuring out what type of business they want to be in and then they register a domain name.

Then, once that’s sorted technical wizardry is popped into the equation and bam you got your online business. It’s typically not that simple but it’ll do for illustrational purposes.

After completing this series I have a clearer picture of who my target audience is and how I should be tweaking my keywords to target them better. My advice would be to compile a list of the phases you feel you can query in Google. Below are certain keywords that I was able to extrapolate from the 5 w’s exercise:

      supplement income
      make some extra money
      stay at home moms
      set your own hours
      work less
      have more vacation days
      web design

Step Three: The Keywords Lab

The first keyword I’m going to plug into Google is supplement income. Here are the results I got from Google suggest which will be located towards the bottom of the SERPs in Google and is indicated in the screenshot below:

At the time of compiling this product the keyword “supplement income” had roughly About 52,000,000 results (0.21 seconds) pages indexed in the SERPs.

From the above keyword list, the keyword that most closely related to the theme of my site is “ways to supplement income from home” and
“supplement income online.”

I could add other keywords like “supplement income definition” or “supplement income ideas” but I think that they will end up wasting my time in the long run because it’s not closely knitted with earning an income online or from home which is the market that I’m primary catering towards.

So, I now added two more google sniper keywords to my keyword list. If I want to find more keywords that are related to this theme all I have to do is plug these new keywords into Google and see if they show related keywords to these terms. I plugged in the keyword “ways to supplement income from home” into Google and here are the related search terms as indicated in the screenshot below:

How to do keyword research in google web page

As you can see from the above screenshot Google provided me with several related keywords to the term. The keywords I added to my list are:

   ways to supplement your income from home
   ways to increase income from home

I could have added more keywords but I think these two fitted the theme of my site the best.

We will use a method later to expand our keywords in Keyword Planner, so if you’re concerned that you won’t find enough keywords I would recommend kicking that though because by the end of this guide you’ll have more keywords than you can handle.

Anyhow, you can keep adding more keywords in your list by substituting the new keywords you just found back into "Google Sniper Keyword Research" for suggestions. I would recommend doing this until you discovered 20ish keywords you feel closely matches the theme of your website.

By the end of this experiment, you should have discovered several unorthodox keywords that you wouldn’t have thought of before.

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